Ad Guidelines

Pet Tails Magazine

AD Design Guidelines         

Setting the color BLACK:

When using CMYK color mode it is important to define the color BLACK as being C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100. This will assure that if there are any registration issues during the printing process, the text, which is specified as black, will not appear blurry. Keep in mind that if you started your design in RGB mode and then converted to CMYK, the color BLACK WILL NOT be C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100, it will be defined as a mixture that will yield the color black. This oversight could lead to blurred text. So REMEMBER TO SET COLOR MODE TO CMYK at the start of your work. It is recommended that if you are using Font sizes of < 12, you should stick to the color Black for these.

The Photoshop Elements software package cannot be used to create advertising graphics for Pet Tails. Photoshop Elements is for the home user or amateur; Photoshop CS4 is for professionals – graphic designers and photographers. Photoshop Elements lacks CMYK support and therefore cannot edit or create images in CMYK mode, which is needed if you are creating press-ready images.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and other such programs are not suitable for producing an AD for submission. The resulting output from these programs is an 8 ½ by 11-size image with your AD embedded in it. The image we require must be the same size as the final AD.

Using images from the WEB:

Images used on Web pages are low-resolution images. They are low resolution because of two reasons: Your monitor can handle low-resolution images and still present a good image and low-resolution images keep file sizes smaller which helps with upload time for the page. Images used for your AD need to be 300 Pixels (Dots) per inch for color and 200 Pixels per inch for black/white, grayscale. Images on the WEB are typically 72 Pixels per inch. So unless the size of the image taken from the WEB can be reduced by to 25% of it current size it will not be appropriate for the AD, otherwise you will end up with a poor quality image in your final product. Please be careful, we cannot fix this type of situation.

Sending your file:

Send your completed AD as a .tif or .pdf file. If sending a PDF please be sure to embed ALL fonts used. This will avoid a delay should we not have a particular font you have used.

Remember .jpg and .gif file type are used for the WEB, therefore they will reduce the resolution of you AD, so do not convert to this file type prior to sending it to us.

Ads Requiring a Full Bleed:

If you a designing an full page Ad that requires a Bleed, the live image area is 9.25 in. by 10.625 in. with a .75 inch bleed on all sides.


Have you set the colors in the AD to CMYK?

Black and white ADs must contain images set to Grayscale.

Have you saved your files as either TIFF or PDF? Have you included all the graphic files used in your AD?

If sending PDF, be sure that all images and graphics in your layout are CMYK before converting to PDF and be sure to embed ALL fonts?

Have you double-checked the exact size of your advertisement?

Have you double-checked your text for possible incorrect dates, phone numbers, area codes, and misspelled names?