Article Submissions

Pet Tails Magazine

Article Submission Guidelines

We welcome your article submissions. At this time, we do not pay for articles. 

Submissions cannot be used for advertising. Submissions may mention a specific product or service, but must be useful without the purchase of that product or service. Content must greatly overpower advertising.

We prefer submissions to Pet Tails that have not been published elsewhere. If they have, please indicate where and when your submission was previously published.

Submissions must be original and must not contain copyrighted material.

Submissions should be between 500 and 800 words long.

Pet Tails reserves the right to edit for length, style, and clarity prior to publication. The editors reserve the right, when necessary, to request article revisions from the original author.

Any published article will include a description of the author, including contact information, if desired.

Submit articles via e-mail as Microsoft Word or text file attachments to

Do not embed photos or images in your documents; send photos and images as separate file attachments.

Do not perform any special formatting.

If there are people in the pictures, there needs to be a model release.